About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting!

My name is Vicky Starz (new last name thanks to the mister in the picture). My friends call me Vicks.

I love Oreo cookies, anything chocolate and peanut butter, finding vintage goods at thrift stores, wedding and home design blogs, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. My friends think I’m funny.

I relate to people. Whether it’s reality TV, family feuds or relationship stories, I connect with all people on some level. I have a real knack for making people feel comfortable. You can be yourself around me and trust me, I will be myself around you. I will never judge you. I am a good listener and truly want to know your story. I am all about those special details, especially the meaningful ones. I understand that you are unique, your story is yours.

Your stories inspire me to make better photos. I am constantly growing, learning and striving to improve my work.

I will most likely cry at your wedding (secretly). Or while editing photos of you and your loved ones (secretly).

I am based out of Toronto, ON, available for International travel of course.

And I would love to capture your story.